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Georgian Canonbury

Highbury & Islington tube station, London

Guided by Rachel

Short version. "lovely, living fragement of London's deep past" 

Long version. Ok, let's tune this orchestra up. "The Georgian heart of Canonbury did not suffer the same degree of social decline that affected most of Islington from the end of the 19th century." Ok, you've just heard from the strings – Georgian Canonbury's had a lot of TLC, like a much loved old vintage car. Now as for the percussion: Canonbury's the "manor of the canons,"  first recorded in 1373.* The woodwinds? early 16th century Canonbury Tower of course, with all of its astonishing goings-on and habitues. Brass? Novelist Evelyn Waugh, Elizabethan philosopher Francis Bacon, great prose stylist George Orwell, "Father of American letters" Washington Irving, poet Louis Macneice, film director Alan Parker, etc. Guided by Ms. Effervescense herself, star Blue Badge Guide and author Rachel. *So, yeah, "Georgian's" barely the half of it