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Crystal Palace Dinosaur Safari

Penge Railway Station, London

Guided by Aaron

Guided by Cambridge University Paleontologist Aaron


Meet your guide – here’s a podcast Aaron did about this tour.


Short read: A child magnet

Slightly longer read: Guided by a Cambridge University Paleontologist, so, yes, this one is exactly what it says on the tin.

Long read (as told by Guide Aaron): During our walk we will explore the world’s oldest dinosaur models. Created for the Great Exhibition of 1851, these models represented the cutting edge of our knowledge of the ancient dinosaurs and marine reptiles of the Jurassic and later worlds. Palaeontologists had only invented the name Dinosaur 10 years earlier and with limited fossil bones they began the journey to discover how these extinct animals from the deep past looked. We will explore how the professors and fossil hunters such as Mary Anning and Gideon Mantell found these fossils and created the reconstructions, even dining inside one of the massive models for a New Year’s Eve party in 1853. We will see how today’s scientists think these animals actually would have looked, however nearly 170 years later with all our technological advances we still can’t be sure! Come and join me on this safari adventure.


The Crystal Palace Dinosaur Safari takes place at TBA m on Sxxxxxx. Meet Aaron just outside the exit of Penge East Railway Station.


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