Christopher Wren 300th Anniversary

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Monument Tube, Fish Street hill exit

Guided by Mary B.

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Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
31 July 2024 Special 11 am 1 pm Summer Reserve Online
14 August 2024 Special 11 am 1 pm Summer Reserve Online
28 August 2024 Special 11 am 1 pm Summer Reserve Online
25 September 2024 Special 11 am 1 pm Summer Reserve Online
16 October 2024 Special 11 am 1 pm Summer Reserve Online
30 October 2024 Special 11 am 1 pm Summer Reserve Online

A Celebration of the works of Sir Christopher Wren 1632-1723

Sir Christopher Wren, Britain’s greatest architect. This year a celebration of his life and work. The City of London, still resonates to the glory of his achievements seen across its skyline in stone. The Kings Surveyor in 1666 Wren rebuilt a City laid to ashes by the Great Fire of London.

Starting from the Monument, a memory of the Great Fire, we trace medieval streets and passageways exploring Wren’s city.

Not just a street view, but a bird’s eye view and peeks inside Wren churches, each unique with differing stories to tell.

Sights we see along the way include:

A City Church whose tower portico was the gateway to old London Bridge.

Wren’s practice Dome before St Paul’s Cathedral, his own local church!

An altar known as “the Camembert”

A shoemakers Church

Where Londons Bow Bells ring

Garden spaces created from Wren Churches destroyed in WW2

Finishing at St Paul’s Cathedral, Wren’s grandest work. Iconic, an ornate baroque edifice of stone, steeped in the national story of Remembrance, Royalty and Faith.

Meeting Point:

Monument  Tube station. Fish Street Hill exit.

The Monument. The first work by Wren we see. It’s just a few yards down the hill from the Fish Street Hill exit of Monument  Tube station. N.B., if you can’t see the Monument you’re standing outside the wrong exit.

And, as ever with London Walks, a brilliant guide. “It all comes down to the guiding.”

9 reviews for Christopher Wren 300th Anniversary

  1. Lyn Michelle Heiming

    This tour was packed with interesting facts at every corner. Mary has a wealth of knowledge that she shared with us. I’ve already told her, that I will be booking this again at some stage. For now, however, I wish all of the London Walks guides joy and continued enthusiasm in giving their inspirational tours.

  2. Sally

    Went on this walk 14 Feb. Mary was brilliant. Learnt loads of interesting facts. She really knows her stuff. Who knew there were so many churches! And the secrets under The Monument. Fascinating. Recommend.

  3. Wendy

    Joined Mary for her walk today and what a great time I had. Such a wonderful insight into a small part of London but so full of history and Mary brought it all to life. I even went back to visit one of the churches (St Stephen Walbrook) and listened to some wonderful choral singing, absolute bliss. Thank you Mary, I shall definitely be back for another London Walk.

  4. Karen Hirdt

    Such an enjoyable tour with Mary. She brought history to life for us and guided us through the architecture of the city of London and Wrens role in developing the city we see now

  5. Julie Woda

    Thank you for creating this amazing walk! A completely engrossing 2 hours in the company of Mary Brooks who knows her subject matter in great depth and takes you on a tour of parts of the City of London you never knew existed. An absolutely fascinating journey through a wonderful part of our history. There are parts we will go back to and explore again, remembering Mary’s anecdotes and explanations. Loved every minute!!

  6. Gary Johnston

    I went on Mary’s tour of the Wren 300 years walk today. Despite the cool breeszy weather and one or two heavy rain showers Mary delivered a very informative tour with amusing anecdotes not only about the Wren churches but also the evolution of the English Church and the changing attitudes towards church design and decoration since the Great Fire of London. Mary has an amazing knowledge not only of Wren and his work but also of the nature of church architecture. Well worth the two hours

  7. R. Robson

    Christopher Wren himself would have been delighted to hear Mary showcasing his wonderful work in rebuilding the churches of London after the Great Fire. Historical facts, dotted about with funny anecdotes, brought the tour alive. I learnt so much in just over two hours, including the need to wear sturdy walking shoes! You will not be disappointed.

  8. Linda N

    I have just returned from this wonderful walk with Mary Brooks. It was a real privilege to be guided by Mary who despite the freezing cold and rainy weather, delivered such a perfectly paced Wren Tour with an infectious enthusiasm. Mary has a meteoric understanding of the City of London and gave us such insight into Wren and the development of the City of London post 1666. She has such flair and skill interspersing her narrative with wonderful tidbits of anecdotes. We all came away inspired. Thank you. We’ll be back ……….

  9. Helen Evans

    I went on this walk with Mary Brooks on Sat 25th. It was wonderful to learn about Sir Christopher Wren . Mary was enthusiastic and informative . I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the large group, cold and the glorious church bells ringing out ! I’ve already bought a book on city churches and looking forward to another ‘London Walk’ about out city .

    Helen Evans ( adopted Londoner since 1980 ! )

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