Virtual  Canada Water Unearthed

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28 January 2021 Special 6 pm 7 pm Winter

Here’s Jackie! Yes, meet your guide – serving up a wonderfully vivid “grab” from the tour.

A tour of the interwoven waterways, lakes, docks and woodlands of an area bristling with history & eying the future. You’ll be hooked!

Interwoven waterways, lakes, docks and woodlands. An area that is bristling with history and eying an exciting future. Canada Water Unearthed tells of youthful growth building on layers of rich history.

What was it like to be ‘left on the stones’? How Black was that Saturday when burning planks of wood were tossed in the air like matchsticks?

You’ll be hooked. And once deciphered, whether you are a Londoner or a visitor from overseas, you’ll be back – not least to grab the best London panorama ever!


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