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Between the Kings’ Sheets

Embankment underground station, London (Villiers Street exit)

Guided by Katy

Short version. Frisky, Risky, Risqué Royals

Long version. This one’s Rated R: Restricted. I.E., not suitable for under 12s. The only other London Walk that’s got an R rating is Past the Palace – Hidden Places & Hidden History. And to assist you in your calibrations, this walk is Past the Palace with added spice! And pubs. So, yes – yessssssss – a tantalising tango of a walk. A walk through unofficial history* – through true history, real history. Through lewd and lusty history. It’s kings who were queens and women who weren’t queens but queened it over the hearts of kings. It’s affairs and betrayals. It’s heart aches and hearth aches. It’s love triangles. It’s debauchery and treachery. It’s wild passions and wisps of culrls and whispers in ears. It’s fans and muffs and darting, daring, dating glances. It’s secrets, sweethearts and seductions. It’s mistresses, mayhem and madness. It’s snuff and sniffles and “you couldn’t make this stuff up” stuff. It’s London’s last village pub (with its underground royal connections and its fabulous whiskey collection). It’s the tales and trails and wiles and wanderlust of those whose “job it was to curtsy first and then jump into bed.” *How did Tolstoy put it, “[official] history would be a wonderful thing – if it were only true.”  N.B. the walk takes about two and a half hours and ends very near Green Park Tube.