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Archway tube station, London

Guided by

Short version:  Murder, Suicide, Fever and some Arts and Crafts.

Long Version: We start at Archway Tower and the roundabout, where drivers put their foot down to get somewhere more attractive as quickly as possible. What could there be to love about Archway* and why is it called that? 

We hark back to a time of orchids and nurseries and visit the site of the 15th century leper colony, when a servant of the king contracted the disease, he visited his master and was given a patch of land just outside town to live with fellow sufferers. Six hundred years later and it’s still a hospital. 

One of London’s nastiest serial killers lived just up the hill during the First World War. On to Holy Joe’s, north London’s largest Catholic Church at what was once the highest point in London, Where better to celebrate the glory of God? 

Then to Suicide Bridge where it is said if you jump, you leave one postcode and arrive in another and then hear of suffragette Charlotte Despard and the Brown Dog Affair

*As Sarah Cracknell sings, "There are some nice parts of London / You can see them from here."


"I have just come back from the 2.30 pm 'tour du jour' on 31/12/2016… Archway A walk on the dark side and cannot speak highly enough of the whole experience. This is really living up to your promise to provide 'the keys to the world's most elusive city.' A tour that is both aimed at Londoners themselves as well as tourists. The guide Paul was so knowledgeable and passionate about thesubject. The tour even witnessed  'a bit of debate on the street' between participants in the very best way. It does great credit to London Walks to offer this kind of tour and there is no doubt that with the excellent standard of tour guides like Paul you are doing a great service to this city. Thank you and your guide Paul for a very stimulating experience Happy new year." Louis Tallon

"the unfailingly fascinating London Walks… If you can't find one [of their tours] that captures your fancy, maybe you really are tired of life."  San Francisco Chronicle


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