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A Putney Perambulation

Putney Bridge tube station, London

Guided by Rex

Short version. Where Wolf Hall starts and hanging stopped.

Long version. Putney. What a place, what a history. Name means the landing place of the hawk. Or of a man named Putta. Take your pick. In the Domesday Book it was Putelei. Puttenhuthe in 1279. St. Mary's is 15th century. Putney debates of 1647 took place there. (Every wonder way it's the RAF and the Royal Navy but the British Army? Think about it – or ask Rex. What happened in St. Mary's has a lot to do with it.) Got the Thames (gave it its well deserved reputation as a riverside pleasure resort) and a bridge of course. Had a duelling ground. Has the Boat Race.Gentlemens residences. Famous people aplenty, ranging from Laurie Lee to Captain Oates (the latter is still in Antarctica, where he stepped out and may be some time). This one's guided by Rex, "an English gentleman."And, into the bargain, a star Blue Badge Guide.