Just up – some Winter Programme Specials

Date post added: 24th August 2021

To paraphrase what the Royal Academy of Arts says about its raison d’etre, London Walks, located in the heart of London and fanning out from there, is a place where great walking tours are made, exhibited, enjoyed and celebrated.
In short, putting these up – they’re from the lively, passionate, cup-overfloweth mind (to say nothing of many years of at-the-pit-face experience) of Westminster Guide Charlie F. – in ways it’s akin to hanging part of the great annual Royal Academy Exhibition.
Graveyards to Die For  Virtual Tour on Wednesday, November 3 and Wednesday, January 5 (2022) at 7 pm 
When Horses Ran London  Walk on Saturday, January 8 (2022) at 10.45 am
Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley in Somers Town Walk on Saturday, January 8 (2022) at 2.30 pm

David Tucker

The doyen of London walking tour guides, David is the Seigneur of this favoured realm (London Walks). A literary historian and retreaded academic (London University Ph.D. on Dickens) and former television news editor, he broods over words, breeds enthusiasms and is "unmanageable." For good measure, he's a balterer, a logophile and a lifelong thanatophobe.

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