Just up, this week’s (Aug. 13 – Aug. 20) podcast – Helena masters a masterpiece

Date post added: 22nd July 2021

And, yes, Helena’s done it again for this week’s (August 13 – August 20) podcast. In a word, more virtuosity (see below). In a phrase, another tour du force. This week’s is Part II of the sequence. Giotto’s the artist. Anything to add? Yes, 1) listening to this will make you want to go to Padua to see the real thing and 2) when you get there, you’ll pop the earbuds in so you can see it with Helena. What she’s got to say and how she says it is that good.

Below is what I said last week (August 6th).

In a word, virtuosity. It – this week’s [August 6th] podcast – is the first of a five-course art history/art appreciation/art criticism feast Helena’s been working on all summer. Hold on to your hats – no, rather, be prepared to doff them – this is a great listen – extremely high calibre art criticism. And to top it off, Helena’s got that great voice – she’s a joy to listen to. (In the lapidary words of a high-powered London Walks fan a few years back, “I could listen to that little blonde all day.”)

David Tucker

David Tucker

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