Just up – a bonus podcast

Date post added: 24th August 2021

A Woman of Passion, Drive and Determination

This bonus podcast is an advancer for Laura’s wonderful* Trailblazing Women of Bow walk. The walk takes place this Saturday, August 28 at 10.45 am from Bow Road Underground Station.

My (David’s) personal response to this podcast: thinking back to that time-honoured kids’ thing of picking teams for, say, a baseball game and I had first pick for the players I’d want on my side in the game of People Who Made the World a Better Place (or the game of People Who Made a Difference or the game of If I Wanted to Change the World) and among the ‘kids’ there to choose from as teammates were JFK (yes, that JFK, the U.S. President) and Annie Besant, I’d choose Annie Besant with my first pick.

*The podcast tells you how good the guide is. And how good the guide is tells you how good the walk is.