COVID 19 Good News!!

Date post added: 11th September 2020

We are pleased to say that London Walks are going ahead as listed.

Yes, London Walks are one of the exceptions from the 6 people restriction under the following  clause in the legislation:

Guided tours of up to 30 people may take place indoors or outdoors provided businesses undertake risk assessments in line with this guidance document and put any necessary mitigations in place.”

All London Walks guides carry copies of our risk assessment and COVID 19 guidance.

What’s more, London Walks has decided to improve the “margin of safety” by 100 percent. The government guidance gives the go-ahead for “guided tours of up to 30 people.” We have decided to limit the size of our groups to 15 people.

Please also listen to this short podcast. It directly addresses the question: are walking tours safe? Addresses it with evidence.

David Tucker

The doyen of London walking tour guides, David is the Seigneur of this favoured realm (London Walks). A literary historian and retreaded academic (London University Ph.D. on Dickens) and former television news editor, he broods over words, breeds enthusiasms and is "unmanageable." For good measure, he's a balterer, a logophile and a lifelong thanatophobe.

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