Just up (July 9th) – this week’s London Walks podcast

Date post added: 9th July 2021

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It’s another in the Meet Your Guide series. An interview with Charlie.

There is no other guide who has anything approaching Charlie’s take on London. He’s a lifelong Londoner. He’s been obsessed with London housing from the time he was a youngster. His work – his career – was in housing, at the local government level. In other words, at the pit face, at the sharp end. And not just for one council. So he brings years of wide-ranging and in-depth insider’s perspective and understanding and insight into the most fundamentally human element of urban, London life: housing. Where and how Londoners live.

Charlie knows things about London that “ordinary people” don’t know – he lights up all kinds of unusual corners.

And he’s a very experienced, professionally qualified guide.

Special guy.