Best review ever

Date post added: 2nd June 2021

  “Best walking tours on earth”

“I’ve been on walking tours across five continents and these are far and away the best because the guides are not just real locals with a genuine enthusiasm, but fascinating people in their own right, every time. Just finished my 8th walk – this time the Highgate tour with Matthew – he was awesome”

Andrew S., Chang Mai, Thailand, TripAdvisor May 2021


  1. “across five continents” is awesome
  2. and as for that “qualification” not just “the best” but “far and away the best” – awesome
  3. and the fact that he’s shopped around – went with a competitor and reviewed him in 2018
  4. the fact that he’s been on 8 London Walks
  5. that telling “every time”
  6. along with “London Walks was acknowledged as the premier walking tour company in the entire world”  American Tour Guides Convention
  7. And the full chorale effect

David Tucker

David Tucker

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