A tip of the top hat to Roger, the Captain, the man on the bridge of the Good Ship Canal Walks. Best sort of colleague and guide – clears the head and pleases the soul. Unruffled, unflappable, always comes through, fabulously well-informed about everything waterways. And, yes, award-winning. A waterways enthusiast for many years, Roger has cruised along much of the national network of canals and rivers. He has canoed in various parts of the country, including around London. (Canoeing around London – how cool is that, how many people have got that feather in their cap?) Anything else? Yes, he worked on canal restoration projects over a period of thirty years. A retired engineer with a strong interest in cultural heritage, he researches all sorts of aspects of London and London’s Canal network. He is a life member of the Inland Waterways Association.