King's Cross Railway Station (meet by the ticket office, near the Leon Cafe) | Map

Guided by Simon

Short version: Cambridge. Miraculum orbis. Wonder of the world, annexe to heaven.

Long version: Cambridge. Bridge of Sighs. Mediaeval courts. Velvet-soft emerald lawns. The unearthly beauty of Kings. Newton's room. And garden where he experimented. That apple tree. Think of him "forever voyaging through strange seas of thought." The calm of the tree-fringed Backs. The Cam's willow-shrouded banks. The plaintive note of the World War II American cemetery. Darwin's college. Stephen Hawking and The Theory of Everything. Alan Turing – yes, welcome to The Imitation Game. The pub where the structure of DNA was announced. Punting on the Cam (we get a really generous discount if you want to take a turn – or, indeed, just go along for the ride). Leafy streets and twisty alleys. Whispering wind and yellow lantern. Shadowed passage and haunted bookstore. Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall! Bicycling students. Cheese and fish stalls in the market. People who talk like books. And that's not to mention the royal imprimatur, that new title for William and Kate – the Duke of Cambridge and his Duchess. Guided by Simon


We go to Cambridge on Saturday, August 19; Monday, August 28; Monday, September 11; Monday, September 25; Saturday, October 7; and Saturday, November 4. The meeting time is 9 am. The meeting point is by the main ticket office (near the Leon Cafe) of King's Cross Railway Station

The Tariff (train fare, admission to the Cambridge colleges we visit and the coach fare from Cambridge Railway Station in to central Cambridge and out to the American cemetery and back) is £44. For the total cost of the trip just add the Tariff to the guide's fee.*

*The guide's fee for a Day Trip is £18 for adults. Of £16 for Super Adults (over 65s) and students. Or £14 for people with the London Walks Discount Card. Kids under 15 accompanied by their parent(s) go free.


Want a preview of the Cambridge Day Trip – and the guiding? Watch the video.


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 It all comes down to the guiding


Don't just take it from us.


"Nah, don't need it, got it all here," you say. Er, roaming charges? Er, dead battery? Er, reading your phone in the bathtub and you drop it? [Smelling salts interval: sick as a parrot. ashen-faced.] Er, read the famous white leaflet in the bathtub and you drop it what do you do? Er, you dry it out. Anyway, maybe worth making a mental note that you can always pick up the iconic white London Walks leaflet at the Cafe in the Crypt at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, the old church in Trafalgfar Square. They're on the Information Table there, right by the box office. And indeed they also display them on the shop counter, right by the cash register. And it's win-win because the Cafe in the Crypt is one of the town's delights. Should be on everybody's London itinerary.


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