Consummate Londoner. Hardly surprising given that her ancestors founded London. Sí, Carla was born in Italy but has lived here for over 30 years. Makes no bones about being deeply in love with this beguiling metropolis. Much travelled. Multi-lingual.* Guides at the London Canal  Museum. Professionally qualified Camden Guide. Prefers the quieter and less crowded areas of London: Regent’s  Canal, the Legal Quarters, Highgate Cemetery. Leavens history with the humorous, the odd and the quirky. Makes lots of connections with other cultures and countries. Juxtaposes. Time travels. Her walks glisten with pendants of the past, present and future. Fascinated by that London paradox: permanence in ephemerality. Greet Carla with a Ciao and then walk and see London her way! *Worked as a language teacher, now semi-retired. Difference maker. Volunteers at the North London Cares Charity and Age UK.