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The best driver-guide in the UK.
By far the best price.
Two statements. The first one is an informed opinion. The second one is fact.
That's what those two statements are. Here's what they're not: they're not an invitation. Nor is this page on the London Walks website an invitation. We, London Walks, are not inviting you.
Our good friend Claire (she's the driver-guide) is inviting you. London Walks cannot accept your booking. Claire can accept it.
And that's all by way of saying, if you want to hook-up with the best driver-guide in England you need to go directly to her.
We spell that out because 1) we are emphatically not a Public Carriage Office Licensed Operator; 2) there are strict rules and regulations governing "Licensed Operators"; and 3) everybody must comply with those rules and regulations.
As the Public Carriage Office put it in a letter to Claire, "the definition of an 'operator' contained in the PHV (London) Act 1998 [is] a person who makes provision for the invitation or aceptance of, or who accepts private hire bookings."
And that's why the ball must always be in Claire's court. Because she's a fully licensed operator. Her Operator number is: 04801.
What that means in practice is that you must contact her directly. Her number is: 0787 997 8889.
You can either ring her or text her. If she's driving she obviously won't be able to answer, so just leave a message and she'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Or you can email her one: c.ross.guide@hotmail.co.uk
And now we cut to the chase. What all of the above means of course is that by going directly to Claire you cut out the "middle man". We don't know what Claire charges but 1) she's a good friend and 2) she's a straight shooter, so if she says – and she does – "if they come directly to me they're going to save themselves upwards of £100" – that will be stone cold fact.
Anything else? Sure, there's lots – all of it having to do with why she's the best driver-guide in the business. 1) Her vehicle is superb – it's a Fiat Scuodo People Carrier. 2) You won't just speak to her once (i.e., when you book her) – you'll get a "night-before, touch-base call" from her to talk it over one more time, double check all the particulars, answer any questions you've got, see if there's anything else that might be on your mind about the trip, etc. Little touches like that make all the difference – it's a world of difference from S.O.P. in these matters (S.O.P. being that you're completely clueless about who your driver-guide is until he actually pitches up on the day to collect you, punches the time clock, etc.); 3) Personal qualities: Claire's a poised, lively, attractive, stylishly dressed, fun, well-informed (and well-connected) young woman. 5) She makes the best pasta this side of Tuscany.
And that's that. Except to HALLOO it again. HALLOO it from the top of the final hill (i.e., this nearly last paragraph). London Walks is a walking tour company. London Walks is not in the Driver-Guide or Public Carriage Vehicle business. In consequence, this is not an "invitation" from London Walks. We, London Walks, cannot and will not "accept bookings" for Claire. This page is up here because this is our website and Claire is our good friend. End of story.
Well, end of story as far as London Walks goes. It's not end of story for you. It's beginning of story for you. And what a great beginning. It bears repeating: because of this happy concatenation of events you've just "cut out the middle man" – you're now in one of those "full of win" positions.
Namely, you want a driver-guide for a lot less than you'd have to pay if you went through "normal channels" – well, you've just turned up trumps. And they're face card trumps because this driver-guide – our friend Claire – is the best driver-guide in the business!
Oh for the open road and the best driver-guide ever