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Guided by Barry

Short read: Death of a Dissident 

Long read: On the trail of polonium, perfidy and poison. He was the victim of a tiny "nuclear bomb." His name was Alexander "Sasha" Litvinenko. He was a former Russian Intelligence officer. He came to London and turned his coat. It cost him his life. His work – and his death – opened a window onto the dark heart and the long arm – the strong-arm – of the Putin Kremlin. This walk, guided by a Public Health Physician,* follows the trail of that murky world of international espionage and its denouement in UCL Hospital, where a once fit 43-year-old lay gaunt, bald and dying. It's a trail where a Geiger counter wouldn't come amiss. A trail through the streets of Mayfair, a trail that leads through offices and nightclubs, to end up in Grosvenor Square where the nefarious deed was done. *Professional medical expertise counts for everything on a walk like this. Dr Barry knows about Polonium 210 – how it's "administered", how it's tracked, what it does, when it's treatable.


Death of a Dissident

Putin's London – Polonium, Perfidy & Poison takes place at xxxxx on Sxxxxx. Meet Doctor Barry just outside the Eros exit of Piccadilly CircusTube


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