Canary Wharf Tube, meet outside the main Jubilee Line exit (NOT the East exit) | Map

Guided by Stephanie or Judy or Chris

Cobblestones, Quaysides & Cloud-capped Towers... And so we come to the most extraordinary letter in London's alphabet. First, the bass note: the river. Down here the Thames is broad-shouldered, easy and big. There's a salt tang in the air. And gulls. And cat-o'-nine-tails winds. Haunted winds that whisper of tall ships and swollen sails and spices and silks and rum. And then make good on that promise when they Zephyr us round corners into a pungent past of centuries-old sugar warehouses and ships workshops and the Dockmaster's House. So, yes, like the river, time bends here. And flows. Flows backward. And then, round other corners, ricochets into the fireworks of a futuristic London. Because this is Wall Street on Water – a place where cutting-edge, 21st-century power and energy are made visible and tangible.A place where this time-honoured city is re-inventing itself. Spectacularly. In short, if you like walks that have Surprise Me written all over them – well, you just turned up trumps. And a bonus – we'll end at the new, not-to-be-missed River Thames & Docklands Museum.


The Docklands walk takes place on the first Saturday of every month (except December, January and February) at 10.30 am. Meet Chris or Judy or Stephanie just outside the main exit* of Canary WharfTube.  *N.B. the main Jubilee Line exit NOT the East exit. 


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If you can't make one of the regularly scheduled, just-turn-up, public Docklands walks do think about booking one as a private tour. If you go private you can have the Docklands Walk – or any other London Walk – on a day and at a time that suits your convenience. We'll tailor it to your requirements. And – always with private London Walks and tours – we go to great lengths to make sure the guide-walker(s) "fit" is well-nigh perfect. Ring Fiona or Noel or Mary on 020 7624 3978 or email us at and we'll set it up and make it happen for you. A private London Walk – they're good value for an individual or couple and sensational value for a group – makes an ideal group or educational or birthday party or office (team-building) or club outing.


A private London Walk makes a very special (and unusual) gift – be it a birthday or anniversary or Christmas present or whatever. Merchandise schmerchandise (gift wrapped or not) – but giving someone an experience, now that's special. Memories make us rich.


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