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Women artists and women in art – saints, prostitutes, duchesses, etc.

Date post added: 9th May 2021

“red we associate with prostitution generally”

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“We’re walking in Oscar’s footsteps, he’s there with us”

Date post added: 30th April 2021

“people wouldn’t know that unless it was pointed out by one of us”

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Shakespeare in London – we (Simon and ourselves) go for a walk with him

Date post added: 24th April 2021

“the reason that they didn’t use women actors was…Shakespeare uses this gender confusion to maximum effect”

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Shakespeare’s Stratford – Simon Shows Us Round

Date post added: 23rd April 2021

“the internal structure of the house – the wattle and daub – they’ve exposed it, so you can actually see it”

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The London A to Z – Simon takes wing with the letter Q

Date post added: 19th April 2021

“my cue [pun doubtless intended] is for queen”

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The London A to Z – Simon on the letter D

Date post added: 22nd March 2021

“D for Devonshire Road…I live about halfway down”

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Seeing a great painting with Simon’s eyes

Date post added: 16th March 2021

“if we get really close in we discover that there are lots of hidden secrets”

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Love in London – a Soupçon from Simon’s Valentine’s Day Virtual Tour

Date post added: 13th February 2021

“actually, it is in fact the 18th century equivalent of soft porn”

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Songbird Simon W.’s Covent Garden Podcast – Part 1

Date post added: 7th April 2020

Buried treasure – award-winning guide who bursts into song – “you’re going to look up and be absolutely astonished” – “Betsy with her immense size breasts”

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