London Walks Podcasts - Sherlock Holmes

A Guest Podcast from the Former Editor of the Sherlock Holmes Journal

Date post added: 5th February 2021

“whenever you see Benedict Cumberbatch (or the actor who plays me, Martin Freeman) enter or leave their house, they were actually filmed exactly here”

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Podcast: Sherlock Holmes & Conan Doyle at Christmas

Date post added: 22nd December 2020

“I’ve chosen several key Christmases to focus on”

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“I shuddered as I gazed at it” – Part II from Sherlock Holme’s creator

Date post added: 15th December 2020

“I had called upon my friend Sherlock Holmes on the second morning after Christmas”

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Sherlock Holmes will always be associated with Christmas

Date post added: 14th December 2020

“I could not see any sign of this strange, midnight wanderer”

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“The game is afoot” On the trail of Sherlock Holmes

Date post added: 4th May 2020

“don’t you hear the Death Hound baying at your heels?”

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