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The Edge of the City

Liverpool Street tube station, London

Guided by Judy

Bedlam, Bunhill (Bone Hill) and Barbican. A new* City of London Walk created by star guide – winner of the Guide of the Year Award – Judy Pulley

You want the City of London – its rich, varied and extraordinary past – compressed, transformed, expressed almost as a Bosch painting this is the walk for you. Here the Romans buried their dead. Here, in due course, inmates of Bedlam and plague victims went to their final rest. The quick and the dead. Because nowhere is today’s powerful, surging, post-modern London more evident, more sharply delineated than here. A great guide – and Judy is – makes the post-modern rectilinear here bow, release and ricochet. Ricochet back to then here, here where Londoners skated – yes, skated – in the 12th century. Here where they set up temporary camps after the Great Fire left them homeless. Here – still here – where John Wesley built his chapel and had his home. Here where literary giants Blake, Bunyan and Milton are buried. Here where a tiny ancient church survives amid a brutalist Le Corbusier-inspired post war plan. Here where barber surgeons dissected bodies. Here where gold has been assayed for centuries. (And it’s not just gold threads back to the past. Thinking of that statue of that statue of Christ with silver shoes.) And the thing is – here comes the kicker – this walk – what it reveals, what it uncovers – through new London that’s also old London – what you see, where you go, the narrative, the walk has been tremendously turbo charged by the evidence – thrilling stuff for anyone who’s interested in London’s history – recently unearthed by the excavations for Crossrail.

*Judy’s resurrected that classic old 1990s City of London Walk known as The City Nobody Knows  – revived it, revised it, reworked it, renewed it, updated it. Great walk.


The Edge of the City walk takes place at 10.45 am on Saturday, July 1. The meeting point is Liverpool Street Station. Meet Judy by Platform 1 of the mainline railway station.

The walk ends near St. Paul’s Tube.