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Spanning the Thames

London Bridge tube station, London

Guided by

Short version. Ten Bridges over Troubled Water.

Long version. Many people say London is London because of the Thames. That's right. But it's also London because of the stitches that connect the two shorelines – London's bridges. 2,000 years of a series (just one for 85 percent of its history) of grappling hooks flung across that river, making London possible. Some series. Now there are 34 bridges over those waters, with more planned. This walk gets us across the history of eight of those crossings – the famous, the overlooked, the reconstructed, the never constructed, and the future. Killer fact – one of a cup overfloweth of them – to test the structural integrity of the Millennium Bridge after its problems, a red top tabloid newspaper commissioned a bikini-clad model to walk across the bridge carrying a  tray full of jellies to show the 'lack of wobble' factor. Guided by ace Blue Badge Guide Steve. 


The Bridges Walk goes at 2.30 pm on Sxxxxxx. The meeting point is just outside the Duke Street Hill exit of London BridgeTube Station