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The Wednesday Night Rock’n’Roll London Walk – 4 Part Series

Tottenham Court Road underground station, London (exit 1)

Guided by Adam

Rock’n’Roll London – Wednesday Nights in July & August 2021

It’s THE most comprehensive history of rock and pop ever presented by a London tour guide. 

Across four Wednesday nights in July – and then again in August –  covering four different routes, Adam Scott-Goulding will unfold the history of rock’n’roll in the West End of London. 

Sixty years of amazing music plus… tales of drunkenness and cruelty, the gangsters of the music biz, the fashion and the drugs… with 400 years of London history for a backdrop.

Beginning in Soho with the origin story of the British music business we will cover everything from punk to psychedelia to Britpop, as well as all the roots musics – folk, blues and jazz.

You can join Adam for the whole series – book all four episodes – or drop-in for individual tours (each walk is designed to work as a standalone event as well as well as an episode in a series).  

Places are strictly limited, booking is essential and the walks will take place observing all current advice regarding Covid 19 – your guide has been awarded Visit England’s Good To Go certificate, the gold standard of hygiene and safety in the tourism industry.

About Your Guide

Adam curates and presents 24 different London Music Toursthe most comprehensive programme of music history walks on offer in London. His repertoire covers all periods from the 1500’s onwards all takes in all musical genres. 

All tours are available to book as private tours in both walking tour & virtual tour formats

Adam has been leading tours with London Walks for 16 years, is a qualified Westminster Guide and a visiting lecturer in tour guiding at the University of Westminster.

Meet your guide, here’s a fun podcast (interview) Adam’s just done on these tours. The rock ‘n’ roll stuff comes in the second half of the podcast. He warms up with remarks about 1) daftness (eccentricity), especially of the Edinburgh variety, and football.

And here’s Adam’s main Meet Your Guide interview.


Praise For Adam’s London Music Tours in 2020 & 2021…

★★★★★ “Colourful, dramatic and delivered in style” Katherine G, Tripadvisor January 2021

★★★★★ “Hugely informative and entertaining” Christopher M, Tripadvisor January 2021

★★★★★ “Warm, witty and welcoming” Steven W, Google January 2021

★★★★★ “What Adam doesn’t know about music isn’t worth knowing” Mr&MrsT Google, June 2020

The Wednesday Night Rock’n’Roll London Walk series…

7th July & 4th August Rock’n’Roll Soho – Meet Tottenham Court Road Tube (Exit 1) 7pm (1900)

14th July & 11th August Rock’n’Roll Covent Garden & The West End  – Meet Tottenham Court Road Tube (Exit 1) 7pm (1900)

21st July & 18th August Rock’n’Roll Marylebone & Fitzrovia – Meet Baker Street Tube (by the statue of Sherlock Holmes) 7pm (1900)

25th August Rock’n’Roll Mayfair, Piccadilly & More Soho – Meet Bond Street Tube (Marylebone Lane Exit by Disney Store – north side of Oxford Street)


Walk 1. Rock’n’Roll Soho

Meet: Tottenham Court Road Tube

From the origin story of rock and pop in the UK to Britpop – this walk is the seminal Rock’n’Roll London tour. 

We’ll take in the Rolling Stones first gig and Jimi Hendrix’s last. We’ll chase the ghosts of legendary venues. From coffee to cocaine we’ll look at the drugs that fuelled the music. We’ll catch David Bowie on the cusp of international superstardom and Marianne Faithfull in the heroin fogged aftermath of her first fame. The Who will smash the place up, Eric Clapton will walk away from stardom at the age of 20 and we’ll witness the birth of Led Zeppelin.

Skiffle, blues, folk and jazz are the roots musics on the bill. Soho is the stage – and with Soho comes four centuries-worth of tales of drunkenness and cruelty.  

The Playlist Includes…

David Bowie

The Who

Jimi Hendrix

Marianne Faithful

The Beatles



The Sex Pistols


50’s Rock’n’Roll Roots

60s R&B

70s Punk

90s Britpop

West End History 1660s- Present Day

Tour ends near Oxford Circus/ Tottenham Court Tube


Walk 2. Rock’n’Roll Covent Garden & The West End

Meet: Tottenham Court Road Tube

Along the roote of this Rock’n’Roll Walk… the Stones began to roll, Bob Marley touched the world, the Kinks punched and kicked their way to notoriety and Bob Dylan vied with The Beatles in the invention of the pop music video. There’s rich pop pickings in this part of London.

The backdrop to this walk is 400 years of entertainment history.

We’ll go… in the footstep of David Bowie during his years of obscurity… to John Lennon’s last British gig… to the tiny cellar where Paul Simon regrouped from commercial failure… and we’ll rummage in the gentrified ruins of Denmark Street.

The Playlist Includes…

The Rolling Stones

The Kinks

The Beatles

Paul Simon

Sandy Denny

Pink Floyd

Bob Marley

The Clash

John Lennon

Bob Dylan


The drug culture

60s Psychedelia & Rock

70s Punk

Theatre History 1660s – Present Day

Tour ends near Charing Cross/Covent Garden Tube


Walk 3. Rock’n’Roll Marylebone & Fitzrovia

Meet: Baker Street Tube (by the statue of Sherlock Holmes)

This edition is the Beatle-heavy extravaganza. No part of London is more associated with the Fab Four than Marylebone. They lived here, they wrote here, they filmed here. We’ll track their Cuban-heeled bootprints through the first explosion of unprecedented pop fame to their first faltering steps after the death of their manager Brian Epstein. 

The Fabs are top of the bill, but the supporting cast for this walk isn’t too bad either. We’ve got the pre-fame Pink Floyd in their original London stomping ground. There’s Dylan’s first British gig way back in 1962. And then there’s the glorious old BBC in Portland Place – we’ll round-up the records they banned, the birth and death of Radio One and the scandals that have enveloped the corporation in recent years.  

The Playlist Includes…

The Beatles

Pink Floyd

Bob Dylan



The drug culture

60s Psychedelia & Rock

Censorship & the arts

Celebrity & fame

London History 1660s – Present Day

Tour ends near Goodge Street/Warren Street Tube


Walk 4. Rock’n’Roll Mayfair, Piccadilly & More Soho

Meet: Bond Street (Marylebone Lane exit)

On this episode of the Rock’n’Roll London Walk we will see…  The most expensive square on the English Monopoly board – Mayfair £400 – where Jimi Hendrix made his home.

The most celebrated theatre in British showbiz – The London Palladium – where the Rolling Stones made a stand against the old guard.

The most luxurious department store – Liberty’s – where David Bowie conceived his most famous look.

The most stylish street in the world of gentlemen’s style – Savile Row – where The Beatles played their final gig.

The most famous junction in the UK – Piccadilly Circus – where The Beatles launched themselves on international stardom.

With such a cast of characters, it’s all bound to end up in court – so we’ll visit the spot where Jagger, Johnny Rotten and two of The Clash were put on trial in the 60s and 70s.

The Playlist Includes…

The Beatles

David Bowie

Jimi Hendrix

The Clash

The Rolling Stones

The Small Faces


60s Rock

70’s Glam Rock

70s Punk

60s & 70s fashion

West End History 1710’s – Present Day

Tour ends near Piccadilly Circus Tube


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