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24 March 2021 Special 4 pm 5 pm Winter Book Now

Old Westminster is one of the most richly historic areas of London. One thousand years old, it is saturated with pomp and circumstance and is home to some of the most cherished buildings in the world. Not only will we get up-close with the famous landmarks – Westminster Abbey & the Houses of Parliament among them – our virtual tour also goes down a back street or two to get behind the scenes of this famous political quarter.

Guided by actress, television presenter and award-winning guide Karen Pierce-Goulding, this Virtual Tour of Old Westminster takes place at 4 pm (1600 BST) on the following Wednesdays: November 11  and December 2.

Click here to join the guide Travel & Leisure crowned “the world’s greatest guide” on her Virtual Tour of the nexus of world history, Old Westminster.

To recap: This tour will take you in and around the streets of Westminster, by Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Discover the Mecca of politicians throughout the ages and the place where kings and queens are crowned then laid to rest. Take a sneak peek into 10 Downing street, the home of the Prime Minister and where important meetings happen – the cabinet room.


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