Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
10 January 2021 Special 7.30 pm 8.30 pm Winter Book Now

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When? 7.30 pm on Thursday, January 10, 2021

Where? 1. On your screen (wherever you are: London, Sidney, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, California, Berlin, Chiangmai, etc.). In short,  in the comfort of your own home (we guarantee you – you will not be rained on). 2.

Who? Award-winning, top-flight, professionally qualified, supremely gifted guide Adam. It all comes down to the guiding.

Who else? Your good self and a couple of dozen other lively, bright, fun, interesting music and London aficionados from all over the world. Together with a supporting cast – a Hit Parade – of Big Names in the music game. Big names ranging across the centuries and across the genres. (See below.)

What? A guided Virtual Reality Tour of Musical Covent Garden. From the Opera House to the theatre where Bob Marley became a legend; via the oldest recording studio in Britain (1898) to the hotel where Bob Dylan held court in ’65; from Rule Britannia to On the Street Where You Live – this London Music Tour covers the musical waterfront from Arne to Zappa. From John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera to Bob Marley’s Exodus, there will be cameo appearances from Noel Coward, Alan Jay Lerner, Gilbert & Sullivan, Charlie Chaplin, The Smiths, U2 and – in the best tradition of greatest hits collections – many, many more.

Adam will show you the best bits. Inscape them (tell you the stories that so add to the enjoyment of what your eyes are feasting on). You’ll “meet” the characters. You will be taken there, get to know the place. You will return having undergone an extraordinary experience – you’ll “get it” about Covent Garden and especially its long and glorious and variegated music scene. Anything else? Yes, the Tour is not just live, it’s interactive. Questions come up, you’ve got points to make – that’s one of the many joys of this “vehicle”.

Why? By popular demand. And because it’s Adam’s Musical Covent Garden tour (“it’s like having a rock star as your own personal walking tour guide”).

How long does it last? About an hour.

How does it work? The wonders of the Internet. In a word, Zoom.

Do I have to book? Yes.

Why do I have to book? Because we restrict the number of participants to 25. It is not a herd experience. We want to get the comfort level of the group right. Get some group chemistry, get people meeting and interacting with their fellow group members (if they want t0), get some group intimacy. For that, a maximum of 25 is ideal.

How do I book? Click here.

How much does it cost? £8 per person.

What sets it apart? It’s the London Walks Musical Covent Virtual Tour

So what? “London’s best guided walks” Time Out;  “London Walks is without a doubt the premier walking tour company in the entire world” – that’s what.

Is it possible to book a private Musical Covent Garden Virtual Reality Tour? Yes. Get in touch with us here at London Walks. Email:             Tel. 020 7624 3978

What if I have further questions? Eezy peezy. Contact David or Mary at London Walks. It’s 18/7 and you get a real person, a living, breathing human being – not some automated, metallic “voice” presenting you with an infuriating series of options (“press this button, press that button” ad nauseum).

Email:    Tel. 020 7624 3978

Anything else? Yes, be sure to watch the trailer. It’s at the very top of this page.