The Brexit Walk – Living History

St. James' Park underground station, London (Westminster Abbey/Broadway exit, opposite 40 Broadway)

Guided by David P.

Walk Times

DayWalk TypeStart TimeEnd Time
9 November 2019 Tour du Jour2.30 pm4.30 pm Winter

Scene setter: Brexit is a world-historic turn. “The momentous events of 23 June 2016: changed all our lives; finished off another prime minister; split the country in two; left British politics in utter turmoil; The Dutch Prime Minister, not known for hyperbole, said ‘England has collapsed politically, monetarily, constitutionally and economically.’ Britain woke up on 24 June 2016 a divided nation. A country split between: young and old; rich and poor; north and south. The young, rich and parts of the south, particularly London, had voted ‘In’; the old, the angry and disadvantaged, and the north had voted ‘out’. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay in the EU; England and Wales opted for out.” Anything else? Only this: London is by far Europe’s richest city. London is by far Europe’s most cosmopolitan city. A third of its population was born overseas. A quarter are not even British. The 999 exchange needs translators in 150 languagesImmigration is London’s lifeblood. It has been since the days of Good Queen Bess.”


Brexit means walking takes place at 2.30 pm on Saturday, November 9. Meet David P. just outside the Broadway/Westminster Abbey exit of St. James’ ParkTube.