Oops! We (I, David) screwed up.

Date post added: 21st May 2024

‘Yesterday.’ ‘Nowhere Man.’ That’s me.

The mid-month, mini London Wallks newsletter went out yesterday. The lead story was this fab one about Adam’s exclusive, small group Beatles tours (see the write-up below). And – sod’s law – I put up the wrong link.

Yes, I should ‘try thinking more, if just for your sake.’

Anyway, putting it all right here. Here’s the correct link: Day Tripper – A Full Day Beatless Tour of London

‘Let it Be.’

‘I get by with a little help from my friends.’

Day Tripper Yeah!

Red & Blue Beatles

You’ve had these albums in your life since 1973 – the Red and the Blue albums were released 51 years ago. They were intended to be the last word from the Beatles, to draw a line under the whole story… but music fans had other ideas.

In emulation of these landmark records Adam is offering a series of exclusive, small group tours.

Day Tripper is the full day tour where we cover 1961-65 in the morning and, after a lunch break at a historic pub, we spend the afternoon in 1966-70.

Adam’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Explorer Days from last month’s newsletter have now sold out – the combo of a star guide and small group, exclusive tours is proving a huge hit… just like the Beatles themselves!

David Tucker

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