Rat on Cue – Squealy Fright

Date post added: 27th January 2020

This just in. Speaks for itself. Putting it up because the writing is so vivid. And because of the rat.

Dear Noel

Would you kindly pass on our thanks to the amazing Oliver Beamish for conducting a fantastic ‘Jack the Ripper’ themed walk for our mums and daughters gathering on Saturday evening.

We met Oliver outside the Liberty Bounds pub, having fortified ourselves just enough to set us up for hearing all the gory details. The dull but dry weather gave way to a perfectly misty/murky evening providing the exact setting for a stroll around London’s east end narrow backstreets where once the pitiful ‘Ripper’ victims might have trod, occasionally stopping whilst Oliver delivered grizzly segments of the famous ‘who-done-it’ mystery.  Listening in awe to Oliver whilst he recounted the gruesome details, right on cue and with perfect timing, the friendly neighbourhood rat scurried across the dimly lit St Bottolph’s churchyard and gave us all a squealy fright! ‘Lights, camera, action’ came to mind – perfect!

We all found Oliver to be a superb guide with just the right amount of theatrics to keep us all entertained and hanging on his every word, and would certainly be happy to have him conduct another walk for us in the future, which we all hope will not be too far away.  I hope he didn’t find our giggly, gaggle of girlies too much hard work, especially with a ‘comfort’ stop every half an hour for one or two of us (girls will be girls –  and I’ve no idea who brought the vodka, honest!).

Another truly professional and superb walk from the best walking company, London Walks – thank you once again.