Most popular

Date post added: 26th February 2021

The four most popular London Walks podcasts of 2021 have been:

  1. Meet Your Guide – Tom the barrister biker by Tom and David (it’s an interview)
  2. Hidden London – Part II by Shaughan
  3. Meet Your Guide – Richard III
  4. “Forever blowing bubbles” by Adam

What’s so charming about this is the range of the topics – a giddy, joyful interview that’s all over the shop to “hidden London”  to football anthems to being “put on the cover of Newsweek.” And the range of the “voices” – five completely idiosyncratic personalities. What we’ve also registered is that the new Meet Your Guide series is very popular indeed – two of the top three, three of the top ten, and four of the top twelve podcasts in the last 90 days have been Meet Your Guide pieces.