Centre of the walking tour universe

Date post added: 12th February 2020

The world’s greatest city is also the world’s greatest walking city.

For any number of reasons. For every reason. For every season.

Ah, and just like that we’re off to the races. That word “seasons…'”

Except London doesn’t get “seasons” – it gets weather. (As the old saying goes, “if you don’t like the weather in London just wait.” And “we [in London] get four seasons in a day.’)

But the walking tour point is our climate – our weather – is a huge plus. We can – and do – walk, go walking, go on walks, give walking tours year-round. Literally year-round. 365 days a year.

Any number of cities – ranging from Athens to Sevilla to New York to Mexico City – it’s too hot to walk in the summer. Well, for big chunks of the summer. Ain’t the case with London, though. John Betjeman, the great English poet, thought the phrase “summer afternoon” paired the two most beautiful words in the English language. And sitting here, sensing the light shyly tip-toeing our way, sitting here working on the Summer programme and joyfully – word’s not too strong – aware that the first day of spring is only 40 days away – well, it’s natural that summer’s going to be the first card I’m going to play in this litany of why we can walk – London Walk – walk London year-round.

[Here endeth Act I, scene i of The Reasons Why London’s the Centre of the Walking Tour Universe.]

Except to say, feel for ya sweaty New York and heat pounding Athens and searing Sevilla, etc. etc.

Photo’s by Jarosław Kwoczała on Unsplash