London Walks Suspended (Briefly) But We’re Still Guiding (Podcasting).

Can you afford it?

Date post added: 10th February 2020

Seen better with a good guide. A lot better. You see what you see here. With a great guide you’ll also see… [continued beneath the lion]

You’ll also see: a tell-tale epaulette, a portable flogging and beheading kit, pepper pots without pepper, a little cape, a drowning, a golden cross, a place to get above it (best vantage point in London), French cannon, a vegetable cook, a seabed, the Great Pyramid, best model ship ever, an African, “the” musket ball, an ancient map, moulting falcons, the London chiaroscuro, weights and measures, the smallest police station, the second best vantage point, places aplenty (Berlin, Brussels, Little Bermuda, Virginia, Tours, Bermondsey), a capstan, war damage, a hay market, a flash of lightning, Gordon Riots weaponry, why London is what it is and why Trafalgar Square “feels” the way it does. Can you really afford NOT to see it with a London Walks guide?