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Without its horses, London in 1900 would have ground to a halt – no buses, no deliveries, no goods trains. Come on a walk that reawakens this city's cab stands, its multi-storey stables, its marshalling yards, its fashionable rides, its hay markets. They're all still there, but do we notice them? This is an amazing eye-opener into a lost city. Find out just how much horsepower each bus route needed, and why flogging a dead horse wasn't just a turn of phrase. Here was a city so full of horses it was worried it would get buried in its own horse manure. Instead, the end was nigh – and we'll cover that ground too, pick up on how the internal combustion engine cleaned the air, and the Great War was the great cull. If you like horses you will love this, if you like London this will change the way you see the city, 


When Horses Ran London takes place at 10.45 am on Saturday, June 22; and at 10.45 am on Saturday, September 7. The meeting point is just outside Chalk FarmTube.