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Guided by Molly

Short read: Invaders & Immigrants. Exiles & Escapees.

Long read: A city founded by invaders. A city framed and forged and peopled and patterned by successive waves of immigrants. A city of exiles and expats – fleeing, frightened, forced out, fed-up – at home in the world but not at home.  At home, finally, in London. A city of escapees – from poverty, oppression, tyranny, war, their own checkered past, or just plain insipidity. The East End that this walk explores is the crucible of all that, the geographical and spiritual centre of "the greatest multicultural city." Turn it which way you will – and turn which way you will – this is arguably the single most fascinating outpost of the London archipelago. It's a neighbourhood marked – indeed, haunted – by the past, by the guttural sorrow of the refugee. By the past that's right there in Whitechapel – but also by the pasts that these nascent Londoners, tens of thousands of them, left behind in far-flung lands. The walk explores all of that – shows you the trace evidence that's still there. And shows you the figure in the carpet – unpacks the reasons why this neighbourhood became "the crucible."


The Greatest Multicultural City walk takes place at 10.45 am on Sxxxxxxx. Meet Molly just outside WhitechapelTube


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It's not even close 


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