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Guided by Justin

The "Shaken not stirred" Pub Walk.  "Shaken not stirred"......ahhhhh how those words have become intertwined over the years with a do-or-die world of magnificently malevolent villains, seductively sensuous sirens and reckless romances in exotic locations. Visit the sites that played an important role in the life of Ian Fleming. His place of birth, his clubs and his shops. As for 007 himself, much of what made the man – the gun, the gas-guzzler, the gambling and the grooming all took place around Mayfair and St James.' If he existed that is. Maybe he did. Maybe he does. Want to find out what personalities and events in Fleming's life inspired the characters and plots of Bond? Curious about how relevant 007 is post-Cold War? Keen to hear more about their superhuman capability to absorb ridiculous amounts of alcohol and tobacco? Then leave your weapon at home and come and find out. Tux not compulsory. Meet Justin – who bears a remarkable resemblance to the gentleman in question (James Bond, NOT Oddjob) – just there, just outside exit 2 (the Park Lane exit) of Marble ArchTube


The meeting point for the "Bond, James Bond' The London of 007 & Ian Fleming walk is just outside exit 2 (the Park Lane exit) of Marble ArchTube.

The walk takes place at 7.15 pm as a pub walk on the following Saturdays:August 31 and September 21. 


"The successful opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games presented for the consumption of a huge worldwide television audience a tableau of Britain's past, present and future. It was overwhelmingly positive and was clearly aimed at projecting an idea of Britishness – quirky, creative, tolerant – that we could all celebrate. The undisputed climax of the show was, of course, the Queen – and James Bond. The two great British anachronisms. Bond has an audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace, and then together they appear to parachute into the Olympic stadium to the accompaniment of what must be the most recognisable theme tune in movie history. It was very funny, and very surprising, that the Queen would agree to appear with this particular fictional character in a scene that poked fun at her age, with her stunt double parachuting in clutching a handbag. When the laughter had died down, though, hastened on its way by the frowning expression of the real Queen, who now appeared in the stands, there was another 'double-take' head-scratching moment: how on earth had Ian Fleming's James Bond ascended to such heights of national iconography? The first James Bond novel was published in 1953, the same year as the coronation of Elizabeth II. The books have now sold more than sixty million copies. Despite this, it might be argued that it is the films rather than the novels that have had the greater cultural impact. The Queen aside, not much remains from Fleming's 1940s and 1950s, when we still had an empire. Much else has been discarded: popular music, art, film and, more importantly, attitudes to women, sexuality and race. But we keep Bond. What does that say about Fleming, and indeed about us?" Matthew Parker

A couple of serious and tantalising questions tabled there. Justin, who guides the walk, goes a long way toward answering them. The which is a pretty good measure of the calibre of this walking tour. It's not just fun – it's thought-provoking. To paraphrase Bond's remark to Miss Anders in The Man with the Golden Gun: at walk's end you'll be musing, "Ms. London – I didn't recognise you with your clothes on."

"Bizarrely, our guide, Justin Roxburgh, tells us, both John F. Kennedy and his assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, were said to have been reading a Bond novel shortly before their rendezvous in Dallas."  James Bond's London, The Telegraph


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