Do something historic tonight

Date post added: 9 November 2017

When the music stopped...

Hasn't stopped yet. But it's going to – after tonight, Wednesday, November 22. 

Meaning we've got one more – just one more – one more! –  Rock 'n' Roll Pub Walk outing that goes into the historic old Alley Cat bar in the historic (especially in rock 'n' roll terms) old alley, Denmark Street.* 

The Rock 'n' Roll Pub Walk goes at 7 pm on Wednesday, November 22. Meet Adam just outside exit 1 of Tottenham Court Road Tube.

Ain't no other walking tour in London – and probably in the world – like Adam's Rock 'n' Roll Pub Walk. And why is that? It's not just that Adam's a great guide word-sculpting great material – mind-blowing (yeah, come on, surely it's ok to let that trusty old adjectival war horse answer the trumpet call one last time) antics and talent and truly shocking in extremis stuff thrillingly told – it's that, a gifted musician (one of the two most talented people I know), he gets up on the stage of the Alley Cat and does a live 20-minute set as part of that walk. 

It's Thanksgiving Season. (This is me, David, speaking as an American now. I've seen a good few of them [Thanksgiving Seasons]. They pretty much all blur into one another – turkey, cranberry sauce, the football game, over and over again, yawn.)

This is the one I'm going to remember. I'm going on the walk. I want to be there. Hear it. Hear the last ever live music set on the stage of the Alley Cat. Be able to say, "my most memorable Thanksgiving Season of the lot." 

In Adam's words – "the 22nd of November and everyone can remember where they were when the Alley Cat closed and the Rock’n’Roll London Walk ended! Who pulled the trigger? Was it Sadiq Kahn and Amy Lamé from that piece of prime real estate that is the grassy knoll? Or was it Boris from the Bullshit Depository?"

*London's Tin Pan Alley (for any uninitiates out there)