Date post added: 21 March 2018

The Crown walk. Here's the first of two videos of the walk.

The walk takes place at 2.30 pm every Wednesday and at 2.30 pm every Sunday. And if you'd like it as a private walk give us a ring – on 020 7624 3978 – or email us on

"I'm three and you're four," the future Queen, then a child, imperiously informed her sister. The younger girl, not understanding this reference to their position in the succession, proudly countered, "No, you're not. I'm three, you're seven." Yes, say goodbye to the ordinary. It's rapidly receding in the rear-view mirror of your life. Say hello to the real world of The Crown. The audacious, epic and hugely expensive The Crown. A walk there? Is there ever. A walk like no other. For over a year four top-flight Blue Badge Guides – one of them the author of Royal London – have read memoirs, diaries, letters, biographies, histories, etc. Have run their dragnets deeper and deeper through this world. Drawn on personal experience – several London Walks guides have been inside, met the Queen and Prince Philip. One has a contact who worked on the series. Result: a fireworks show of snap-into-focus moments. You suddenly see and understand the geography of these places. See into them. Tell-tale details that weren't on the screen. Which royal lived where in Clarence House. Who was one floor up? How did they communicate? Which side of Buckingham Palace was Group Captain Peter Townsend's office on? Why was that important? Who was his neighbour? Riveting stuff. And embarras de richesses: there are also some stunning Darkest Hour (Churchill) moments. 


The Crown Walk walk takes place at 2.30 pm every Wednesday and at 2.30 pm every Sunday from May 1 onward. The meeting point is just outside the Green Park exit (by the fountain) of Green ParkTube.