Summer 2019 London Walks Programme

Date post added: 20 March 2019

The famous white London Walks leaflet went to press on March 21, first day of Spring. We should have the first copies to hand in a week or so. if you'd like us to post one to you drop us a line.

Or to pick one up: as always, the central London "depot" for London Walks leaflets is the Cafe in the Crypt at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, the wonderful old church in Trafalgar Square. As soon as you step out of the lift – or reach the bottom of the stairs that lead down into the complex – the Box Office (for their concert series) is just to your left. Right beside it there's an Information Table. London Walks leaflets are always prominently displayed on it. And for that matter straight ahead of you – when you come out of the lift or reach the foot of the stairs – is their little shop. They always have London Walks leaflets on the counter there, right beside the cash register. Can't miss them. 

In the meantime, I'm now getting stuck into "summerising" this website –

It's the long march, a big job. I'll chart it here, on this news bulletin.

First job done: the Excursions. In the Summer 2019 programme we'll be running Excursions to Avebury & Lacock, Bath, Blenheim Palace & Oxford, Cambridge, Canterbury Canterbury & Faversham (on Hops Festival) Day, The Cotswolds, The Cotswolds & Oxford, Leeds Castle & Canterbury, Royal Winchester, Stonehenge & Salisbury, St. Albans, and Windsor Castle & Eton. They have been "summerised' – are ready for your inspection. 


We'll be doing eight Foodies' London walks this summer (plus a couple more in late spring – March 30 and April 20). Ann has created – and guides, brilliantly – four completely different Foodies' walks. Different parts of London, different histories, different stories, different eating establishments, etc. Each of them will be aired twice this summer. They all go on Saturdays. The four different titles are Epicurean, Gourmets', Foodies' London, Biscuits & Banquets A Foodies Forage & Foray into the City of London, Foodies' London  The West End and Pie Crust to Upper Crust Culinary Destinations – Afoot, Fooding & Feasting in the Strand & Covent Garden. For the Foodies' Walks schedule this summer – and all the other particulars – click here.


Click here to see the Spring-Summer 19 schedule of Secret Thames Archaeology Tours. Five scheduled so far:  March 23, April 23, May 25, August 10 and October 26. When Fiona H.'s Middle East Archaeology Tour dates are settled for this summer we'll know if she can do a few more for us. Watch this space. 


Adam's new Tour du Jour walk has just gone live. Click here for full particulars. It's called Women in Music – Divas, Rebels & Junkies 1722 - 2019. It'll go at 10.45 am on Saturday, July 6 from Leicester SquareTube


Watch this space. More going up by the hour. And the rest of the Summer 19 programme will be rolled out over the next week or two.