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Programme Updates. Any updates of course go straight in the London Walks Daily Calendar.* But there's also the Latest News column. It's on the right hand side of the "old look" If you scroll down from "The Wall" it'll come into view. As will a ton of links on the left hand side.**
*When you bring up the London Walks Calendar it'll always open on Today's Date. But of course the whole season – months and months – of London Walks are also right there, in the calendar. Just go to the month that you're interested in and click on any date that you've earmarked for going on a London Walk and hey presto, there are the London Walks for that given date. It's elegant. It's simple. It's fast. It's intuitive. It's super convenient.
**Which brings me to London Stuff and Etc. a "two-level" website. The Homepage – "The Wall" – is all about accessibility and ease of use. Get in. Get what you want. Get out. It's Level One.
Level Two is the "old look" Which is just a gold mine of information about London Walks and London generally. It works an absolute treat for anyone who's got a bit of time and wants to browse.
When we went over to "The Wall" – when we hit The Wall, so to speak – we didn't want to throw out all of those rich pickings. That'd be like bonfireing thousands of old library books and leaving a grand total of maybe just six or seven books. Ain't our style, that kind of move.
So: best of both worlds.
Accessibility and ease of use. Get in. Get what you want. Get out. That's the Homepage and its links.
But never fear. We haven't had the bon fire. The gold mine of London Walks and London Generally Information is still there – for anyone who has the time and the inclination to scroll down. And drill down.
Scroll down. Drill down. It's sort of like opening the door to Great Granny's attic. There's just a ton of wonderful stuff here, there, and everywhere in that attic!