Katy Beechey - London
March 2013
Another fascinating walk from the ceaselessly enthusiastic & knowledgable Hilary.
Every time I go on a London walk, I feel privileged to be a resident in this magnificent city.
Bonnie - St Paul, Minnesota
July 2010
I joined Kim's Secret London tour of June 29 and was spellbound by her stories. Loved the nooks and crannies, and returned to Ye Olde Mitre Pub for a quick half. I would never have found it without her. Will definitely join more of these tours when I return to London.
June 2009
I have been in London for 11 years and no idea of the amazing sites that we visited today with our guide Kym. It was fascinating, never dull and I will definitely be doing it again!
Heather M - London
January 2009
This is a walk that amazed me. I learned how canons have been 'recycled' in the city, how glamourous the first public toilets were, what the little green wooden 'sheds' you often see in the middle of roads are as well as discovered a church and pub that features a tree inside from Elizabeth I's era that I still pop into years after I have taken this tour. It is a delightful mish mash of sights and anecdotes that kept even the non culture loving individual that I dragged along entertained. Some walking tours are all stories , some are all sights, short on story, this is the perfect blend of both!
Richard Ellis - Central Victoria, Australia.
January 2009
THIS one was the first of 3 we did with London Walks during the period Oct. '08 to early Jan. '09.
Hilary is first rate with her explanations of various buildings --- and her enthusiasm is infectious.
To come across a tiny piece of Cambridgeshire in inner London (she'll explain to you all about the Bishop Of Ely's holdings) was absolutely fascinating.