VIP Tours, Quiz Nights, Treasure Hunts, Etc.
The Full Spectrum Rainbow!
For sure. London Walks also organises VIP Tours, Quiz Nights, Treasure Hunts, After-dinner Speakers, Lectures, etc.
Which is as you'd expect, given the remarkable "resource" the 75-strong London Walks team – "the best guides in London" – represents. 
In short, London Walks guides cover everything from a VIP Tour of Beatles London with the Fabs' Hairdresser to Voice Coaching with a Royal Shakespeare Company (and Royal National Theatre) actor.
Treasure Hunts. Well, this one's self-explanatory. Except to say that the London Walks guide who specialises in 'em will tailor it precisely to your group, to your requirements – whether it's an office party or a little something for the little people (i.e., a child's birthday party).
Quiz Nights. All kinds of possibilities. From an absolutely "normal", par-for-the-course, what-you'd-expect Quiz Night to one that follows on from a given London Walk to a Half and Half. (Trust me, the link is definitely worth clicking on if you're sniffing around for a Quiz Night!)
VIP Tours. Want to push the boat out? Or lay on a special surprise for someone special? Well, given the range of expertise and contacts that 75-strong team of "the best guides in London" represents the possibilities are Harrods-ish. (Or Nieman Marcus-ish is you're thinking the other side of the Atlantic.)
I mean a Beatles London Tour with the Fabs' personal hairdresser – how do you think that's going to go down for someome for whom the Beatles are an important Fixed Point on their personal compass?
Or if there's a lawyer – or a law student – in your life, how does a tour of the Inns of Court conducted by a Member sound? Followed by a splendid lunch at the ancient hall of one of the inns!
And that's just a couple of brief shining Camelots by way of an example or two!
And those three bold faces just open the door a tiny crack. The cornucopia overfloweth. As per the first line above: After Dinner Speakers, Illustrated Lectures, Voice Coaching, Role Playing Artistes (yes, several London Walks actor-guides – hardly surprising that – hoe that row). Etc.
Give us a ring if you'd like to have a natter about any of 'em.