No Need to Book!
Not only is there no need to book – you can't book! There's no red tape with London Walks! With London Walks there are no reservations. There's no booking.
No paying in advance for something and then having to kiss your money goodbye if "things don't work out". If, in short, something unexpected comes up (you're stuck on a tube or taken ill or the weather is unspeakable, etc.).
Don't part with your flexibility for a pig in the poke: "deals" don't come much crummier than that.
  With London Walks you're not a prisoner of your planning!
Okay, for private walks – and we do a ton of them (for office outings and university "peripatetic lectures" and school trips and birthhday parties, etc.) – you do of course book. A private walk is where you have your own guide just for your group.
But for the regularly scheduled, just-turn-up, "public" London Walks, there's no booking.
It's convenience itself. Works a treat. If you feel like it – if it's right for you – you turn up and go on the walk. You pay then and only then. It's elegantly simple.
Conversely, if "on the day" – or at the hour – for whatever reason it's not "right", well, go over to Plan B. Or C. Or whatever.
It bears repeating: with London Walks you're not a prisoner of your planning!
If, for example, the weather turns filthy (I'm writing this at 6.15 pm on Tuesday, October 28th and it's absolutely chucking it down), well, you can change your mind – plump for a show or a concert or a museum visit or whatever. And you're not out a sou – precisely because you haven't "booked", haven't handed over your credit card details and paid for something long before it's "handed over to you".
There's more. It's just never ending, the jiggery poker the Internet lends itself to. Which is by way of saying, we've been forced to create a whole "page" about this on because of yet another scam. A scam in the shape of "middle men" who are "taking bookings" – and taking money – for "reservations" for London Walks. They're not. Well, they are taking money. But they're certainly not taking bookings. How do you "book" something that can't be booked? Don't fall for it. There is no booking for any of London Walks' regularly scheduled, just-turn-up, public walks.
Let's take a prime example. Our famous Ripper Walk. Famous not least because it's often guided by Donald Rumbelow, "internationally recognised as the leading authority on Jack the Ripper". Anyway, if you want to go on the Jack the Ripper Walk all you have to do is roll up at Tower HillTube at 7.30 pm on any night (except Dec. 24 and Dec. 25). Or indeed you can plump for the 3 pm Saturday "matinee" if that one's right for you.
The guides – notice the plural! we always put at least two guides, sometimes three guides on on that walk in order to divide the 40 to 80 people who normally turn out for that walk into two or three much smaller groups – will be standing just outside the exit of Tower HillTube holding up copies of the distinctive white London Walks leaflet. (And if you want to know what "the distinctive white London Walks leaflet" looks like, click here.).
Just introduce yourself, settle up with one of the guides, join the group and hey presto! you're on the famous Jack the Ripper Walk! It couldn't be simpler.
And if it's like tonight – October 28th – i.e., if it's raining cold ropes – well, give yourself a pat on the back. Precisely because you haven't fallen for it, haven't drunk the kool-aid, haven't landed yourself with a crummy choice: i.e., going on a walking tour when it's pouring down rain – or not going on it and saying goodbye to the money that you paid in advance! You're here. You're with London Walks, "the premier walking tour company in the entire world". In short, you've made the right choice.