The London Walks Films
Never been on a London Walk? Fancy a preview? Here's the "Table of Contents" of the London Walks Videos. Followed by a few explanatory notes.
And here's the prefatory note I wrote a while back...
Take a look at any – or all – of these videos of London Walks guides in action. We've made nearly 30 of them. And there are four more in the pipeline.
Let's roll the credits...
The first video we made was of our Old Westminster walk. It starred Karen. Both great choices. Karen because she's right at the top of the Leader Board. That's no exaggeration. The august American travel magazine Travel & Leisure crowned her "the world's greatest tour guide." She's a top flight Blue Badge Guide – indeed, she won the London Tourist Board's Guide of the Year Award in her year. A former actress and journalist, she's got – in spades – the professional background that is the the hallmark of London Walks guides. Old Westmisnter because it's a classic London Walk – "miss it and you've missed London" – and we run it five times a week (Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon, and Monday evening). And here it is – Watch the Video.
We followed that up with our Jack the Ripper walk. As guided by Donald Rumbelow. More star power. Donald is the author of the definitive book on Jack the Ripper. He's Britain's most distinguished crime historian. In the lapidary words of The Jack the Ripper A to Z he is "internationally recognised as the leading authority on Jack the Ripper." He's been the chief consultant for every major film and television treatment of the Ripper for the last 25 years. He's a two-time Chairman of the Crime Writers' Association. He's been invited all over the world – including Capitol Hill in Washington DC – to address professional associations in the fields of Criminal Prevention, Criminal Detection and Criminal Justice. Like Karen, he's a top flight Blue Badge Guide. And he certainly has "the professional background that is the hallmark of London Walks guides: he had a distinguished career on the City of London Police Force, including several years as the Curator of the City of London Police Crime Museum.  Watch the Video of the Jack the Ripper Walk here.  In addition to the film of Don guiding we also made one that was essentially an interview in which Don spoke about Jack the Ripper and History – and indeed showed us and the cameraman "that knife." The video of the interview can be seen here.
Then it was Shaughan's turn. Guiding his Ghosts of the Old City walk. Shaughan and that walk – it runs on Tuesday evenings and Saturday evenings – because we wanted to settle the question once and for all. There was a great deal of boasting coming from another quarter (a former postman) saying, in effect, "look at me, look at me, I'm the best ghost walk guide in London." We knew better of course. And we knew what to do about it. Make a film of the Duke of DarknessShaughan –  guiding his ghost walk and put it out there and let people decide for themselves. Yes, you could say we were confident about that – we'll take that match-up every time. Not least of course because of Shaughan's professional background. He's a distinguished actor – guides for London Walks when he's "resting". The skill-set actors are blessed with – timing, presence, the great voice, audience awareness – those are gifts, you can't teach them and you certainly can't fake them – that are the sine qua non of a great ghost walk guide. It's why our ghost walks are almost all fronted by actors (Adam's the exception that proves the rule – but he's the best raconteur on the team; the only person I know who talks like a really well written magazine article; but then, hey, a top flight journalist, he writes them). And now, several years on, when there's so much tosh on the loose, well, the real thing looks more real than ever. Anyway, Watch the Video
As you'll see, it's simply stunning: guide, subject, audience, setting, incidental stuff, music, the camerawork, etc. - all the planets are in alignment. More proof of the "London Walks does it best" pudding! And before we take our leave of the best ghost walk guide in London, why not mention that Shaughan's also a top flight Blue Badge Guide.
Then we turned our attention – and filmmaker Jon Klein's camera – to a few of our out-of-town trips – our Day Trips to The Cotswolds and Bath and Cambridge and Oxford & the Cotswolds.  TBC...

(Wrote this page 18 months ago or so – here's the Late Breaking News! We've just put up a little film of a Harry Potter London Walk. A click here will whisk you there.)
Update to the above: we've just added to the collection! We've now got a little video of our Wednesday Oxford & The Cotswolds trip. And another one of our Just the Cotswolds trip (which runs on a handful of Midsummer Sundays). The Oxford & the Cotswolds video can be seen here (on Youtube). And the Just the Cotswolds video can be seen here (on Youtube). And the newest one – the video of our Bath Tour – can be seen here.
And that's by way of saying, we've made (well, Jon Klein, the filmaker has "made" them) a handful of wonderful little films about a sampling of London Walks.* And – embarras de richesse – Jon's done the same for four of our Day Trips from Londons: The Cambridge Tour, The Oxford & the Cotswolds Tour, The Bath Tour and The Cotswolds Tour. And you read it here first: there are more London Walks films in the pipeline! 
The films give you a very good idea of what it's like to go on a London Walk – or on our Day Trips.  How it works, how you meet up with the guide, what happens, etc. You can try before you buy, as it were.
And while none is needed the films are also yet more "corroboration". They're the logical next step after the Don't Just Take It From Us page, etc. (Some "etc." of course, comprising as it does the two biggest awards going – Best Tourism Experience in London and Best Tourism Experience in England – let alone the "word-of-mouth" that's everywhere.) In short, thanks to the films, you don't even need to Take It From "Them" ("them" being every major guidebook, newspaper, magazine, Visit London, Enjoy England, the general public, etc.). Now you can see for yourself why London Walks is Streets Ahead! To paraphrase that Clinton campaign trope, It's the guides, folks! And I hasten to add, there's nothing new there, that's always been the London Walks cornerstone.
And in the event of a "Houston, we've got a problem" occurrence – the which is flagged by big black No Service Available labels where the film title page should be – here's the backup. In the shape of youtube links. Said links will hold the fort while the techies are getting the problem to dematerialise!
                   The Old Westminster Walk

                   The Jack the Ripper Walk

Teachers and other educators will be especially interested to know that Jon's also created a little "sidebar" - a short, accompanying Jack the Ripper film - from some of the outtakes. Called Jack the Ripper Teaches History, it's a very interesting interview with the man who is "internationally recognised as the world's leading expert on Jack the Ripper": Donald Rumbelow, who of course "stars" in the main film. The "sidebar" film can be seen here.

    Away We Go - The Cambridge Explorer Day
And here's a short accompanying film showing the practical details, the logistics of the trip. Meeting up with the guide, the travel arrangements, etc.