The London Walks Blog
You're going to like it. A lot. It's put together – and is served up – by ace London Walks guide (let alone journalist* par excellance!) Adam. Lots of the London Walks team contribute. And there's some "guest input" as well from time to time. There are daily updates.
To use Adam's delightful terminology, if is the mothership, the London Walks blog is the lunar landing pod. And believe me, it makes some delightful "voyages". It bagatelles all over the place. Flits and sips.
And what works a treat is it's just one thing at a time – one brief, shining, witty, fun, informative, timely item per post.
In my (David's) terminology, is encyclopaedic – whereas the blog lasers in. So they complement one another brilliantly.
*Adam's is the most scintillating pen on the London Walks team. And that's no mean feat when you consider the All Star lineup of writer-guides crewing the good ship London Walks! There are two dozen wonderful chapters in our newly published book – London Stories – but if I had to award the laurel to one of them my vote would go to Adam's piece on Fleet Street. I read it with delight, deep admiration and one of those Oscar Wilde/Frank Harris heartfelt pangs: "I wish I'd written that!"