The London Walks Blog & Tweet Treats
This one comes with a "Health Warning". Namely: IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN LONDON
Okay, the summary sentence I wrote for this one gets the gauntlet off and into play. Reads like this.
Run by a journalist, the London Walks blog is actually "breaking" some good London stuff. And as for the London Walks Tweets. well, put it this way, there are Tweet Treats. For example, free walks from time to time.
Particulars? Well, those extraordinary photographs Adam is running in the current "post". Never seen before. Piece of London Rock 'n' Roll history. And straight from the musicians themselves – rather than something picked up on "E-Bay" or something like that. So, personal contact. Real memories. The genuine artlcle. It just doesn't get any better.
It's fun. It's bite-size. It's shining the light here and there on this endlessly fascinating city. S'why it's a good read. But only if you're interested in London. Because – to use one of Adam's great tag lines – It's a London Thing!
And as for the peep peeps – the London Walks Tweets – well, they're milk and honey for the London Walks aficionado. Because they're instanta – of the moment ("hey, this is what's just come up – there's this bit of 'extra special' on this walk today – or tomorrow").
And they've become the "designated reward zone". The Tweets get the Treats. The Free Walks that we run from time to time – like that weekend a couple of weeks ago. Could change of course, but for the moment the way we're playing those is that we don't tell the world – we DO tell the people who/ve signed up for London Walks tweets. Tweet Treats.
Simple, really. You'd be daft not. IF you're interested in London.